SAI Glenmark TIDM Program

The SAI Glenmark TIDM is a nationwide initiative to propel the Sport of swimming in India to new heights. Working in close coordination with the Swimming Federation of India, our primary goal is to find students across India that exhibit exceptional athletic talent and offer them a student-athlete scholarship within SAINSA.

The program, overseen by Sports Authority of India and Glenmark Aquatic Foundation aims to provide world class coaching coupled with world class infrastructure and schooling requirements for students to enable them to concentrate on the sport.

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Glenmark Aquatic Foundation

Glenmark Aquatic Foundation (GAF) is a non profit initiative by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited. The Foundation aims to promote the sport of swimming and produce International podium finishes for India. Established in 2014, GAF envisages to create and sustain an ecosystem which provides swimmers with all required support to excel. Read More

SAI National Swimming Academy (SAINSA)

The SAI National Swimming Academy at Dr. SPMSPC is being established in two phases. In the first phase
(May, 2014 to February, 2015), the Academy will be flagged of for approximately forty non­residential inmates. In the second phase (April, 2015-March, 2016), the academy shall become fully residential.

The academy functions as a ‘High Performance Centre for swimmers above 10 years of age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SAI Glenmark Talent Identification and Management program is a one of its kind program aimed at producing International Champions from India. It is a fully residential program wherein the swimmers are housed in the Dr. SPM Swimming Complex Talkatora Delhi. A dietitian recommended diet is provided to all inmates.
The Dr. SP Mukherjee Sports Complex is a state of the art swimming complex comparable to the best facilities in the world. It has 3 climate controlled swimming pools with top notch facilities for dry land training as well.
The Program is headed by Coach Clive Rushton, an Olympian and experienced swimming coach. Partha Pratim Majumder (ASCA level 5) is the head coach and is ably supported by DS Chikara and PArampal Johar as senior coaches. The program has a dietitian and psychologist who regularly visit the centre.
We are currently soliciting applications for the 2017 batch. Please visit the admissions page for more details
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