Changing Destinies through Swimming



Our Talent Identification (TID) Program is a nationwide initiative to propel swimmers from India onto the international sporting arena. Working in close coordination with the Coaches, Sports scientists and the Swimming Federation of India, our primary goal is to find swimmers within India who exhibit exceptional athletic talent and offer them a student-athlete scholarship within the National Swimming Academy.

Utilizing a combination of statistical physical performance data and most importantly coach feedback the programs fundamental objective is to screen and identify the best swimming talent as possible and provide them with an environment to excel both in swimming and in life.

Applications are closed for the 2018 batch

Please note SGTIDM and coaches reserve the right to make the final selection. Final Selection is subject to discretion of the coaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions are open for the Residential course for swimmers between the age of 10-18
The Residential course is not open to swimmers beyond the age of 18. However Swimmers may be a part of a program as day scholars. The same set of rules apply to residential swimmers and Day Scholars
Yes you can join the program as a day scholar. This is subject to clearing the selection criteria
You can apply online or offline. Please refer to the buttons below.
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