Changing Destinies through Swimming


Educational Facilities


Excellent educational facilities are provided to the swimmers as a part of the program.

Dr Rajendra Prasad Sarvodaya Vidyalaya opp the pool complex in the President’s Estate for hindi language instruction
Bal Bharti Public School for English medium students.

In addition to schools, There is a mandatory study time daily for all students and wardens are responsible to ensure that the swimmers perform well in academics. Further sessions with Psychologists and other experts help the kids to cope up with the requirements of training and academic rigour


When approached by SAINSA in 2015 for education of children selected by this Academy from all over India to train them in swimming, the Managing Committee of Bal Bharati Public School immediately decided to support this initiative. As Bal Bharati Public School has always believed in nurturing the sports talent amongst the youth and this unique opportunity gave it the chance to help and nurture sports talent at National Level. The school decided not only to grant admission to these children, but also made special arrangements with flexible timings, reprogramming examination schedule as per the needs of these children and appointment of mother teaher to look after them educationally & emotionally. The school has benefited with the induction of these children as they have improved the sports culture of school. All these children have adjusted well into the school system and are doing extremely well in their studies also. The Managing Committee of Bal Bharati Public School is ready to extend similar facilities to other children selected by SAINSA in future also.
L V SehgalPrincipal Balbharti School

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